Pakistan news anchor bizarre act on live show leaves Twitter in splits

Shubham Ghosh

Islamabad, Sept 24: News programme operators are required to be objective, taming their emotions when they face the audience. But sometimes, a minute technical mismanagement exposes their 'human' side and they are caught doing things they are not supposed to do on air - like for example, flipping the bird!

But the news anchor from Pakistan in this video was caught doing exactly that. Of the two anchors of Karachi-based Samaa TV, the male was seen showing the middle fingers of both his hands when the on-air show started. He was a bit too late to get back to his composed self and his act had gone viral by then. The video rocked the social media with many laughing at the anchor's deed. There were also others who were not amused. For example, Pakistani journalist Syed Reza Mehdi.

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The incident happened on Friday, September 21, when Pakistan were playing Afghanistan in an Asia Cup game in Abu Dhabi. It was a tense game and before reporting on it, the news anchor was seen showing someone his middle fingers when the bulletin suddenly started. He at once started his on-air job understanding that the camera was rolling. His co-anchor, a female, was also amused by some pre-show reason and was struggling to contain it. "When panel producer is in so much hurry to switch!!! RIP Journalism," he said.

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