Pakistan leader asks PM Modi for asylum

London The founder of Pakistan’s MQM party, Altaf Hussain, who is living in exile in the UK, has urged PM Modi to grant him asylum in India or at least some financial assistance to take his case to the International Court of Justice.

Promising that he would not interfere in any politics, Hussain took to social media last week to relay a new speech in which he also welcomed the Ayodhya verdict.

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The 67-year-old is due to stand trial in the UK charged with an offence of encouraging terrorism.

"If PM Modi allows me to come to India and provides me asylum, I will readily do so because my grandfather is buried there, my grandmother is buried there; my thousands of relatives are buried there, in India.

I want to go there, to their graves. I want to pray," said Hussain, in a speech dated November 9. I am a peace-loving person. I will not interfere in any politics, I promise.

But just give me, along with my colleagues, a place to live in India and I request you to grant some Baloch, Sindhis whose name I give, asylum as well," he said.

In his plea to India, the MQM leader said his house and offices have been seized leaving him with no means to "fight for justice" against the Pakistani regime.