Pakistan declares 'water war' on people of PoK

Video evidence has come to light pointing to the fact that Pakistan has now declared a 'water war' on the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) by diverting the waters of the Neelum River to Punjab province. Pakistan is depriving the people of Muzaffarabad from their water lifeline -Neelum River - through an elaborate scheme which has changed the flow of the fresh water from the mountains to Punjab province and in the process drying up the River even in the middle of the monsoon season. Punjab remains Pakistan's pampered and favoured province. Protests are taking place all across Muzaffarabad against this latest move by Islamabad to take away even the most basic right from the Kashmiri people who live under its occupation. The river passing through Muzaffarabad now appears as a storm water drain filled with sewage waste and silt as the water from the mountains has been diverted by Islamabad towards Punjab province. Even the monsoon waters have not been able to charge the Neelum River as the water from the catchment areas has also been diverted to Punjab. Residents of Muzaffarabad fear that they are now confronted with a bigger challenge of having virtually no water supply and say what is happening to them is nothing short of a water war.