Pakistan admits to perpetuating terror against India; secret documents leaked

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Pakistan admits to perpetuating terror against India; secret documents leaked

An inadvertent document leak has forced Pakistan to admit that it indeed harbours terrorists and uses them against India. Following the disclosure, Pakistan came under immense pressure from world powers and has also agreed to hand over to India all terrorists that it has harboured.

It all started when a multi-page document was uploaded on the Pakistan Army website late on the night of Friday, March 31. The authenticity of the document can be gauged by the watermarks on it, certain personal details of the Pakistani Army chief Raheel Sharif and the hasty manner in which it was pulled down, but not before eagle-eyed users from all over the globe had saved copies of it with themselves and on the Internet.

What was on the file?

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The document seemed to be a collection of communications originating from and addressed to Raheel Sharif, all on his official email address. Most of the emails pertain to known terrorists Pakistan harbours, where they are kept, how they are funded and how they are shielded. It also has detailed medical history of most top terrorists, like how most of them suffer from a weak heart, impotence, and loss of hearing and comprehension after listening to primetime TV debates moderated by Arnab Goswami.

However, what has weirded out most people is the manner in which Raheel Sharif also talks of creating terrorists in India to cause metaphorical blasts and to become hated by all, like self-proclaimed film-critic Kamaal Rashid Khan. The emails also talk of replicating the "success" model of self-proclaimed Pakistani performer Taher Shah to spread terror among listeners.

Handing over of terrorists

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Following the disclosure, India managed to win over several countries to its cause. One of the strongest allies it managed to land was US President Donald Trump, who was quoted in a White House statement as saying: "Pakistan harbours terrorists, and terrorists are bad. Very very bad. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. They are so bad that they are ISIS. Pakistan should put an end to this. Pakistan should hand over all terrorists to India."

Following pressure from world leaders like Trump himself and North Korean President Kim Jong-un, Pakistan has decided to hand over all terrorists it shelters. In a letter sent by the Pakistani foreign ministry to India, it has said it will hand over the terrorists in a phased manner, beginning with retired cricketer Inzamam-ul Haq, who is apparently threatening the Pakistan Cricket Board with talks of a comeback. Second in line would be Shahid Afridi, who is threatening to make his debut as the youngest Test cricketer.

To read the full leaked document, click on the link here.

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