Pak terrorists instigating local terrorists in Kashmir: Lt Gen DP Pandey

While speaking to ANI, 15 Corps (Srinagar) Commander Lt Gen DP Pandey said that Pakistan Army used ceasefire violations to assist infiltrations but it is now reduced after the agreement between India and Pakistan. He also emphasised that current terrorist attacks have not been led by Pakistan but it is instigating local terrorists in Kashmir valley. "Ceasefire was announced about 2 months back and both sides (India and Pakistan) are adhering to norms, but we shouldn't draw too many conclusions. In about another month or two, we'll get to see the impact of this ceasefire in Kashmir. The numbers of (terror) incidents are on decline, they're virtually half, as compared to last year. Pakistan Army used ceasefire violations primarily to assist infiltrations; currently what we observe is adherence and reduction," said Lt Gen DP Pandey. He further said, "Pakistan's objective in terms of facilitating terrorism in Kashmir hasn't changed, but their intent to indigenize it has changed. For last few years, Pakistan terrorists aren't leading attacks, but primarily instigating local terrorists."