Pak Taliban denies rumoured move to end violence in country

Islamabad, Jan 5(ANI): The Taliban spokesperson in Pakistan, Ensaullah Ehsan, has denied that his wing has joined the Haqqani network in a council to resolve infighting and end violence against Pakistani citizens.

His statement comes in the wake of reports that four major insurgent factions operating in Pakistan have joined the Haqqani network in the Shura-i-Muraqba council, whose formation was announced in a leaflet circulated across the North Waziristan province.

Reports had also anticipated that the terror group Al Qaeda had brokered the deal, The Daily Times reports.

A member of a Taliban faction led by Nazir, said on the condition of anonymity that the move came after the council realized that killings and kidnappings of civilians had "brought a bad name to our struggle".

Security analysts have doubted that the new union would end violence because the council excludes various militant factions, which perpetrate attacks inside the Pakistani territory.

A FATA Research Centre scholar, Ashraf Ali, said the suggestion of the council shifting its focus to Afghanistan indicates that militants back Pakistan's response to the deadly November 26 airstrike.

"That has been bringing all these militants to have a softened stance against Pakistan," Ali said. (ANI)