Pak Senate body proposes new intelligence outfit

Islamabad, Dec. 1 (ANI): A draft bill proposing the establishment of an Inter-Service Intelligence Agency (ISIA) has been prepared by a sub-committee of the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights.

The agency will be responsible for arresting, detaining, interrogating and prosecuting suspects to deal effectively with the challenges of national security and matters related to it, reports The Express Tribune.

According to the draft bill, the Pakistani prime minister will oversee the agency and ensure that it works efficiently. He will also ensure no prejudicial actions are taken by the proposed agency for or against a political grouping.

The draft bill states that there shall be an intelligence and security committee of parliament to examine matters relating to expenditure, administration and policy of the agency. This committee will consist of nine members drawn from both houses of parliament. But not one of them can be a minister or a minister of state.

The Director General of the proposed agency will be a serving or retired civil servant in BS-22 or of equivalent rank in the country's armed forces to be appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister on such terms and conditions as the president may determine.

The DG will hold office for four years, extendable for one year unless he resigns or is removed from office during his term on grounds of inefficiency, misconduct or physical or mental disability.

According to the draft, the powers of the ISIA will include the ability to take people into custody against whom an order of detention has been issued by the DG in writing.

They would also collect evidence against persons acting or likely to act in any manner against the security, integrity or economic well-being of Pakistan or who may be involved in planning, aiding, abetting or executing serious or organised crimes or acts of terrorism. They are also expected to provide the evidence collected during any process of gathering intelligence to the relevant agency. (ANI)