Pak PM Imran Khan urges UN to ensure anti-COVID vaccines for all; help nations recover recession

Sajjad Hussain
·2-min read

Islamabad, Apr 12 (PTI) Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday urged the United Nations to ensure anti-COVID-19 vaccine for everyone and at the same time mobilise finances for the developing nations to help them recover from the pandemic induced recession, according to an official statement.

Inaugurating the Special High-Level Segment of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Forum on Financing for Development (FfD) here on Monday, Khan said there should be a situation supported by the international communities where everyone in need of the vaccine gets the dose.

“This forum (FfD) is an important opportunity to adopt decisions for mobilising finances needed by developing countries to recover from Covid-induced recession and maintain the path towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Also, the international communities should ensure anti-COVID-19 vaccine is available for all,” Khan was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the Prime minister Khan's office after the inauguration of the forum.

The 4-day FfD forum is being held from April 12-15, under Pakistan’s Presidency of ECOSOC.

A number of world leaders are participating in the meeting to address the themes of resilient recovery, recurrent debt crises, pandemic response and recovery, liquidity for vulnerable countries, and a climate resilient future.

Khan recalled his five-point agenda for emergency financial support to developing countries including debt relief and restructuring, creation and redistribution of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), larger concessional finance, and an end to illicit financial outflows from the developing countries.

He said there is a need to transform the world economy into one that is development-oriented and environmentally sustainable.

Highlighting the need for massive mobilisation of public and private investment on sustainable infrastructure and climate finance, especially in the developing countries, Khan said: “The United Nations was well placed to take the lead in formulating and coordinating the implementation of a plan to make the transition to a green global economy by creating an inclusive, multi-stakeholder mechanism”.PTI SH RUP RUP