Paintings By 80-Year-Old Tribal Woman From Madhya Pradesh Displayed at Milan

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Artworks by a tribal woman from Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh are now being showcased at an ongoing exhibition at Milan in Italy. Jodhaiya Bai Baiga, who is 80 years old, and is a local resident of Lorha village in Madhya Pradesh, has been painting for over half her life.

Speaking to news agency ANI, she said, "I paint all kind of animals and whatever I see around. I have visited several parts of India to paint.

Nowadays, I don't do anything else than painting. I started this when I lost my partner 40 years ago. I had to do something for survival and to take care of my family."

She further added that she was glad that her painting was being recognised at an international platform.

Her teacher Ashish Swami said, "Leaving her pain and sorrow behind she has always been focused. Her painting is being shown in Italy and I'm really happy for her, but it seems that she has more to achieve."

"It is a proud moment for the Adivasi community as they have not had the proper education. This will motivate other community people to come forward and get indulge in these kinds of activities," he added.