This Painter Uses Her Fingers As Brushes, Creates Masterpieces

Iris Scott, a 32 year old artist from New York is impressing all with her unusual technique of finger paintings. She has created hundreds of incredible oil paintings without using a brush.

Iris discovered her unique talent by chance while living in Taiwan. Due to her laziness she decided to try finger painting rather than going to wash the brush. Instantly she fell in love with her unique talent. She has become an expert in the technique and is now able to give up her job and make living using this technique.

She describes the process of creating masterpieces in three fold. She travel abroad, visit museums, or read on the subject interested about. Then digitally sketch the idea and execute the finger painting as rapidly as possible.

Iris has great collection of stunning pictures including a collection called ‘Shaking Dogs’.

Video Editor : Ashutosh Bharadwaj