Paedophile Alert: Florida Senior Citizen Molests 8-Year-Old, Because ‘That’s What Grandpas Do’

Madhurima Sarkar
The 59-year-old abused the youngster twice — the other time, when he drove her to and from a birthday party.

In yet another horrible incident, an old man was charged for molesting an eight-year-old girl and her siblings while babysitting, when the children’s parents were not at home. According to Florida’s Indian River County Sheriff, the man identified as 59-year-old David Parker, told he had assaulted her because apparently, “that is what grandpas do.” The alleged was not related to the victim, but he told her to call him grandpa as he attacked her. The incident happened when the children’s parents were at New York. Child Sex Abuse: Indian Government Changes Visa Process For Foreign Nationals to Prevent Entry of Paedophiles. 

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An affidavit assessed by the Miami Herald, detailed Parker’s interview with the police authorities. One of the sheriff’s deputies said, “Throughout the entire interview, Parker stated multiple times that he knew every act he committed with (the girl) was wrong and that he felt guilty for his actions. It appeared that he was blaming (the girl) for his action, saying he was doing it and continuing to do it to keep her happy because ‘that is what grandpas do’.” The alleged paedophile also said he is responsible for his actions and the kid was not to be blamed.  Paedophile Who Has Raped and Molested 12 Kids Is on the Loose. 

The child was puzzled and equally horrified after the incident. She told the sheriff’s office investigators how Parker has done “weird things” to her body and made her do “weird things” to his body. The girl informed he had her do this several times. He further made the child fondle his privates as he lay on her parents’ bed. The 59-year-old abused the youngster twice — the other time, when he drove her to and from a birthday party. Parker’s occupation is listed as ‘engineer’ on his arrest affidavit. Parker is at the Indian River County jail on two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation by an adult to a victim under 12 years old. He is being held in lieu of a 200,000-dollar bond (above Rs. 1.5 crores).

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