Paddle yoga trending fast in Abu Dhabi

Dubai, Mar 14 (ANI): Stand-up Paddle yoga or SUP yoga as it is popularly known - the ancient Indian technique of body postures remodelled into a more advanced balancing act atop water is fast catching on in Abu Dhabi.

SUP yoga has already caught the imagination of the Western world and parts of Europe.

XPRESS caught up with a group of six woman practicing SUP yoga on their rickety paddleboards on the choppy waters of Abu Dhabi corniche at the Yacht and Sailing club.

The 90-minute session starts with a 15-minute warm-up as students use a six to seven foot paddle to propel themselves on the board, which is a little wider than the usual surfing board.

"This is a warm-up for their arms and legs. It also helps them get steady," Gulf News quoted Caludia Dos Santos, who doubles as a yoga instructor when she is not flying, as saying.

The 32-year-old from South Africa works as a cabin crew and introduced SUP a year ago in Abu Dhabi with the help of Taimeir Tim, a pilot with Etihad. (ANI)