P Mamata Banerjee Weds AM Socialism in Tamil Nadu

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P Mamata Banerjee from Salem, Tamil Nadu has tied the knot with AM Socialism ever since their wedding invitation went viral. They both are namesakes of Mamata Banerjee and socialism. Both their parents admired Banerjee and the socialist movement respectively, and hence ended up naming their children in such a manner.

Their names have come together only recently, making the news when their wedding invitations first went viral. Find out what happened here:

In a bizarre yet funny wedding invitation that has gone viral, a Tamil Nadu bride and groom with the names P Mamata Banerjee and AM Socialism are set to tie the knot.

The main reason why netizens are finding this wedding invitation unusual is because of the names of the bride and groom. However, there's a story here too. Both these people have been given these names deliberately by their parents.

Here is the invitation:

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Wedding invitation of P Mamata Banerjee and AM Socialism</p></div>

Wedding invitation of P Mamata Banerjee and AM Socialism

Socialism has two more brothers, Leninism and Communism. Speaking to The Indian Express, their father, Mohan, explains how these names came into being, "After the Soviet Union was dissolved, people were saying that communism has fallen and the ideology won’t prosper anywhere in the world. There was a news clip on Doordarshan with regards to this and at that time, my wife gave birth to my elder son. I decided immediately to name him communism as I believed that till the human race exists, communism won’t fall," he said.

Similarly, Mamata Banerjee too, was named after the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Her grandfather, a Congressman, was very impressed with Banerjee's leadership skills and hence ended up naming his daughter after the politician.

The entire family hails from a communist background, and they have named their sons accordingly, even bringing them up with communist teachings.

The families couldn't have a proper wedding due to COVID-19, and hence decided to publish the invitation in 'Jana Sakthi' the Tamil mouthpiece of the CPI (Communist Party of India).

A Mohan further went on to say that if he had had a daughter, he would name her Marxia. Talking about the invitation, he also told how many people were surprised by the names and found it unbelievable too. "Everyone is so curious about the names of the bride and the groom. Cadres, friends and many from media called me to verify whether the invitation is genuine, I was so irritated," said A Mohan.

(With inputs from The Indian Express).

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