Oz police officers suspended over 'racist emails'

Sydney, June 26 (ANI): Two Australian police officers have been suspended for allegedly sending racist emails.

A police spokesman said that two constables were suspended for 'inappropriate email use'.

According to the Age, the spokesman said the move came as Chief Commissioner, Ken Lay, has made it clear that inappropriate actions, including those involving racism will not be tolerated.

Earlier this month, a stubbie holder which insulted Africans and another with offending comments about indigenous people surfaced and were condemned by Lay, the report said.

Lay said on ABC Radio earlier on Wednesday that the problem with racism was not systemic but needed to be weeded out.

He said that significant action would be taken by Victoria Police against members who behave in an overtly racist way.

He added that there was no place for people who behaved in an overtly racist way in the organization, and expected everyone to behave in a decent manner. (ANI)