OYO Introduces Four-day Work Week with Unlimited Paid Leaves for Employees' Mental Health

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The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how labour laws are not very considerate of an employee's health or mental well-being, with limited paid leaves. However, some startup companies have considered the toll it might take on employees and to run the company efficiently, they have introduced some progressive changes.

One such company is OYO which has recently announced a four-day week in the month of May and unlimited paid leaves for its employees till July without any reasons asked. The decision comes after the country has reported a devastating effect of the second wave of coronavirus. To ensure that their employees remain healthy both physically and mentally, OYO has come up with this decision. According to a report by Your Story, founder and Group CEO of OYO, Ritesh Agarwal shared the two initiatives with his employees and said that he sincerely hopes that these steps will make it easier for the company to wade through the next few weeks.

It is not just OYO that has considered the well-being of its employees, but companies like Myntra as well have taken similar steps. Earlier in February this year, the fashion e-commerce company introduced some changes in its leave policy by giving its employees ‘Unlimited Wellness Leaves’ and an additional host of other leave options. The renewed employee leave structure was introduced in order to address the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees, by improving work-life balance that would ultimately improve their quality of life.

Myntra also introduced 14 days of Care Leaves for employees who want to take care of their children or older parents when they fall sick or need help.

Meanwhile, last year, Twitter also announced that it will allow its employees to work from home permanently, even after the pandemic gets over. In an email to his employees, the founder of the tech company Jack Dorsey had said that employees will be allowed to work from home permanently, even after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is lifted. However, Dorsey did clarify that those employees whose job descriptions require their "physical presence" such as maintaining servers and so on will still need to come to the office. With this decision, Twitter became the first tech company to make work from home permanent for its employees in 2020.

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