OYO announces another international expansion after Malaysia and Nepal, venturing into China

In a strong move to strengthen its already growing international foothold, Budget hospitality chain OYO Hotels announced that they are now venturing into China. The focus of this expansion is a clear idea of strengthening its hotel chain in the country. China is the third overseas market for OYO and with this launch the team aims to substantiate its leadership in the market. Ritesh Agarwal, founder and CEO of OYO said, "The expansion is in line with our mission of creating beautiful living spaces by empowering hotel owners to become better hospitality players while ensuring an end-to-end controlled experience for our guests." OYO Hotels have been at the forefront of the small and budget hotels revolution in India, Malaysia and Nepal. Its current chain comprises of over 11,000 exclusive - franchised or manchised - rooms in 26 cities including Hangzhou, Xian, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Kunming among others. They also aim to generating lucrative job opportunities for locals in smaller tier provinces.