Oxygen and vaccination optimization is the ultimate solution; Remdesivir is just a temporary resort

Experts Analysis: The Indian variant isn't as unusual as it was thought previously. According to Dr. Randeep Guleria, the Remdesivir dose is adequate only for individuals with lung involvement features. India is touching 4 Lakh cases per day, due to which the demand has gone up by four times compared to the last year. Additionally, Dr. Danny Altman's expertise states that it's the regular covid virus that went out of control which has caused a national emergency. India should go on complete lockdown with financial support to its citizens. India requires the maximum rate of vaccination. Dr. Anand continued that vaccinations are working quite well against the mutants. There are multiple reasons for India being in this spot. We were complacent and not vaccinated most of the citizens who should have been vaccinated by now. The good news is that both the Indian vaccines have been performing well against the "double mutant."