Oxygen to Plasma and Hospital Beds: A Pan-India Guide for Covid-19 Resources

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As India continues to face the coronavirus crisis, there is an abundance of information but a lack of clarity on how reliable the resources are. We have compiled a list of resources and the social media pages that can help you reach them.

Social media pages that are helping with all the resources Pan-India:

Covid Aid Resources, India:The Instagram page called Covid Aid Resources, India is providing verified leads regarding Plasma Donors, Oxygen, Ambulance services, Homecare services, Hospital Beds, Sanitation services et cetera, in selected cities across India.


Covid 911: Instagram Page Covid 911 is also helping people in providing resources for medicines like Remdesivir, Fabiflu, mainly in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.Besides medicines, the page is also providing verified leads on oxygen cans and cylinders, and contact details of hospitals and ambulances where serious patients can be taken for treatment.


Covid India Resources:One can also check the website by Covid India Resources.The website is providing resources on food services, testing centers, ICU beds, Doctors on call, and other services. However, it should be noted that the website does not confirm the price of goods and services.



Sprinklr: It isanother website that collates resources ranging from Oxygen, to ICU beds, to essential medicines from across India. The website is a neat dashboard for COVID-19 resources in Indian cities. As you visit the website, select a city or state and the updated page will provide you with leads for oxygen cylinders, ICU beds, medicines and plasma.


Twitter India: Twitter India has also started its Covid-19 resources page that features SOS calls, and tweets that offer help to patients who require services like, Ambulance, Oxygen, Medicines, ICU beds, and more.


Covid Relief: Those in need can also avail of the facilities of this mobile application that provides resources and verified leads on state helplines, oxygen availability, plasma and ambulance availability.


Plasma Donors, Oxygen, Medicine, services across states, cities:

Dhoondh: A non-profit initiative that connects Covid patients to plasma donors across India is Dhoondh. Visit their website atwww.dhoondh.com.Both the patient and the donor can register on this website.

Chandigarh: This Instagram page is posting verified leads on the availability of plasma donors in and around Chandigarh. One can also go to the link in their bio for registration of donor and patient who requires the plasma therapy.


Allahabad: Plasma donors and those who require covid-related tools like oximeter, nebuliser, and more can visit this Instagram page.


Lucknow: Instagram page Lucknow Plasma Donors is offering help for people who require medicines, plasma donation, and other services.


Bhopal: One of the websites offering a platform to patients and Plasma donors in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is www.bhopalplasmasupport.in/

Karnataka: For food services and other leads on Ambulance, Oxygen, Vaccination, ICU beds, and emotional counseling, one can refer to this list.

Ahmedabad: This Instagram page is providing resources for services required by Covid-19 patients.


Mumbai: Verified lead on services like food, oxygen, ICU beds for people in the city are available on these pages.



Jharkhand: This Instagram page is providing information regarding oxygen, medicines, ambulance services among others across Jharkhand.


Hyderabad: Follow this Instagram compilation of Covid-19 resources available in Hyderabad


Food Services:

This website provides resources on food services for Covid patients and healthcare workers with home food options pan India.

Ahmedabad: For patients and families of patients who are under quarantine these tiffin services in the state can be of help.


Mumbai: Tiffin services are provided by these people in the city.



Delhi: For patients in Delhi, the following resources can be contacted for food services.



Panchkula: Patients, senior citizens, and children living away from home in Panchkula can contact this resource for food services in the given sectors.


Bikaner: For those in Bikaner, this catering service is providing food to Covid-19 patients.


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