Oxygen Crisis continues: Haryana hospitals raise alarm; urge Centre to remove stoppage

With the second wave of Coronavirus going on in the country, the demand for oxygen has drastically increased due to shortness of breath being a prominent symptom in covid positive patients. The dread of lack of oxygen is driving states to put a stoppage on the vehicle of the medical liquid oxygen. Now, SOS is coming in from hospitals across different states. Now openly most large hospitals are issuing appeals for help reaching out to high court demanding more oxygen supply. Fortis hospital in Gurugram now has put out a public appeal for seeking more oxygen saying that it will run out of oxygen within a matter of hours. In fact, they have also reached out to the Prime Ministers office saying that “it is a critical need at this point” Hospitals are trying to convey to the authorities that the state government are blocking the tankers even after the central government has strictly assured that no state government can stop the medical liquid oxygen transport in an emergency.