Oxford University students vote to ban lamb, beef from campus canteens to address climate change

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Oxford University logo (Photo Credit: Oxford University)
Oxford University logo (Photo Credit: Oxford University)

London [UK], November 17 (ANI): Students at Oxford University in the UK have voted to ban beef and lamb from campus canteens, arguing that the decision has been taken to tackle the issue of climate change.

Although the students' union in the weekly students council passed a motion by a two-thirds majority, however, the decision does not affect colleges that wish to provide beef and lamb, the Daily Mail reported.

The UK publication said that though the Union represents students in the university, the 22,000 member Union cannot change university policy.

This decision comes after a growing number of universities in the UK choosing veganism in a bid to combat the environmental impact of the meat industry. This decision is similar to the beef ban introduced by Goldsmiths, University of London and Cambridge University.

Following the newly introduced ban on the Oxford canteen, the Union is looking to bar meat at other places including libraries and other university buildings on the campus.

The Daily Mail quoted the students' union as saying that the council should "request fortnightly meetings with the university authorities to advocate for the adoption of a university policy surrounding meat reduction and removal."

The union further said the policy that "especially in respect of beef and lamb (and to campaign for) the university to issue advice to faculties, departments, and colleges on how they may follow suit in removing beef and lamb."

The motion passed by the Union said the UK looks to Oxford for leadership in issues including climate change.

"As the UK's premier university, the nation looks to Oxford for leadership, but Oxford has shown a lack of leadership in addressing climate change," the motion passed by the Union said. (ANI)