What It’s Like Owning a Sports Agency - With Justin J Allen

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When DA Method Sports Agency came onto the scene, nobody was quite prepared for Justin J. Allen’s energy, but he rapidly got himself noticed as a passionate, exciting young entrepreneur. Incidentally, that’s also what made us so excited about learning his story. Ever since starting his first LLC in 2013, Allen has worked in multiple fields, chiefly the security world, and now more recently the fitness and sports field. He is the founder of DA Method Sports Agency (a unique sports agency) and the affiliated DA Method Apparel (a fitness apparel brand) with his two business partners Darryl Wilson and James “AJ” Mason.

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So, we wanted to know, what does his day look like, as the owner of a sports agency. What were his goals in starting the DA Method Sports Agency?

“Manage athletes’ careers and prepare them for life as a professional athlete,” he tells us, with a smile. It’s a simple answer, but it tells the story. At its core, that’s what the sports agency world is all about, and Allen comes at it with a unique entrepreneurial perspective of getting down to business. Of course, he hasn’t limited himself to sports management alone, but is also delving deeper and deeper into the world of fitness apparel, with DA Method Apparel. Here, his goal is to “provide apparel that will lift one’s state of mind and boost their self-confidence.”

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What we found particularly interesting about Allen’s businesses and overall frame of mind, was that behind every one of his businesses, he has attributed a specific set of ideas and goals. And interestingly enough, all of his professional ideas center around the idea of restoring self-confidence and giving a helpful push to those who need it most. And after all, isn’t that what fitness and sports are all about? About building towards a better, stronger self. And that’s what Allen is doing with his businesses right now.

For example, for DA Method Sports Agency, he’s working toward shining a light on less well-known athletes, for those people struggling to make it, but having a difficult time at the present moment. He’s also working to give new athletes an outlet, and to give them a starting point in their career.

And he’s pairing these efforts with his sister enterprise, DA Method Apparel. Here, his goals are a little different, largely because he’s no longer focusing on professional athletes alone, but also on fitness enthusiasts everywhere. With DA Method Apparel, Allen is focusing on bright and bold colors to boost your energy and get you just a little bit closer to your fitness goals. He’s also working with a careful blend of fabrics and technology to create durable fitness apparel that compliments your appearance, while at the same time retaining comfort. And since the two businesses complement each other, Allen is making quite a bit of headway in the sports management world.

Despite his relative newness in this field, Allen is set to grow and score big, thanks to his energy and goal-getter mindset, which just rhymes with the whole sports universe.

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