Owners Of ‘Breaking Bad’ House Are Sick Of Fans Throwing Pizza On Their Roof

Cheesus crust.

The real-life owners ofWalter White’s house in “Breaking Bad” are sick and tired of fans tossing pizzas on their roof. So much so that after a “particularly messy weekend,” the residents of the famous Albuquerque home have decidedto put up a 6-foot high wrought iron fence, KOB 4 a local news channel in New Mexico reports.

In case you’re confused, the pie-tossing is a reference to a scene from the popular AMC show, in which White (Bryan Cranston) throws a whole pizza onto the roof of his house out of frustration.

The show has been off the airsince 2013, but apparently fans just can’t get enough of the iconic home andhave been tossing pizzas at it for years.

“All day, non-stop, there’s people up and down this road. They park in front of our driveway and block us in,”a neighbor told KRQE, an Albuquerque news channel.

Fans alsosteal rocks from the yardas keepsakes and ask the owners to close the garage when its open so they can get better photos of the home.

Joanne Quintana, whose mother owns the home, told KOB 4 the fence should be completed soon, but it hasn’t stopped people from trying to climb around the construction to snap pictures.

She told the outlet, “We feel like we can’t leave because when we do something happens and that’s ridiculous.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.