How to Make Your Own Sanitizer Spray- Step by Step Guide

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As soon as the World Health Organization (WHO) and other experts advised people to wash and sanitize hands to protect oneself from the novel coronavirus, a dearth in the supply of sanitizers was evident everywhere.

The increased demand because of the pandemic naturally led to an increase in prices and hoarding of stocks. Now a country-wide lockdown is in place, which is unlikely to be lifted anytime soon.

This means, nothing except for essential commodity shops are open and chances are sanitizers would still be unavailable or expensive. So, staying inside is the safer option. And for sanitizers, these are not that hard to make at home while self quarantining.

One should remember to properly sanitize the ingredients going into the mix and according to the WHO, one should also let the final product sit for about 72 hours so that it can kill any microbes.

According to WHO and government authorities, the safest bet to fight coronavirus is washing one’s hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds multiple times in a day. Sanitizers should be used only when the facility of washing hands is not available.

However, if the need for a sanitizer is eminent, here is an easy recipe as recommended by WHO

Ingredients required to make a sanitizer

· Isopropyl alcohol (with 99 per cent alcohol content)

· Hydrogen peroxide (3 per cent)

· Glycerol (98 per cent)

· Sterile distilled or boiled cold water

Materials required

· Measuring cup

· Empty spray bottles

· Spoon to stir and transfer ingredients

Procedure to make the sanitizer

· Pour the alcohol in a container (1 cup)

· Add the hydrogen peroxide (1 tablespoon)

· Add the glycerol (1 teaspoon)

· Stir well, the consistency of the glycerol is much thicker than the other two so it should be noted that all three are mixed well

· Now, add the water (1/4 of a cup) and Mix well

· Clean your spray bottle with soap and water or leftover alcohol

· Wait till the alcohol has evaporated or the water has dried

· Pour in the mixture in the bottle