Overcrowded IKEA Store in Hyderabad Has Found a Way to Calm Down Indians


IKEA, the Swedish retail giant, has received an overwhelming response after opening its first store in Hyderabad on August 9. The store is the first of 25 outlets that IKEA hopes to open by 2025 across the country of 1.25 billion people.

However, the overwhelming response of the people of Hyderabad has been such that IKEA has been forced to put up an estimated waiting time required to just enter inside their Hyderabad outlet.

Screengrab of IKEA's website.

Although there is no waiting time if you go to their store right now, according to Quartz, the website displayed a waiting time of over three hours on Independence day.

Furthermore, on its opening weekend, IKEA had to ask shoppers not to visit their outlet as it was 'housefull' and the parking was overwhelmingly full.

Over 40,000 shoppers had showed up on its inaugural day which led to a maddening chaos, long queues just to get inside, and a long winding traffic jam outside.

If the excitement is anything to go by, it's safe to assume that IKEA will not only fulfill the target of six million visitors at its Hyderabad store in the first year but also make its customers wait hours just to get inside the store.