Over farm laws, PM Modi tears into opposition, praises reforms

Shalini Ojha
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Over farm laws, PM Modi tears into opposition, praises reforms
Over farm laws, PM Modi tears into opposition, praises reforms

18 Dec 2020: Over farm laws, PM Modi tears into opposition, praises reforms

Addressing farmers of Madhya Pradesh on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the three laws, which have sparked a massive agitation, were not passed overnight.

He claimed deliberation on these reforms had been going on for the last 25-30 years.

The BJP leader also lambasted the opposition for indulging in petty politics and misleading farmers.

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Appeal: 'You take credit, I don't need any'

Making an impassioned appeal to political parties, PM Modi said he isn't eyeing appreciation.

"I am giving credit to all your old election manifestos. I just want ease in the life of farmers, I want their progress and want modernity in agriculture," he said, while folding his hands.

He also claimed Congress sat on the Swaminathan Committee report for eight years.

Loan waivers: He stated not all farmers benefited from loan waivers

Further, he said farmers have been cheated on the promise of loan waivers.

He claimed before elections, parties guarantee the same, but in reality, only a few farmers are able to reap benefits.

PM Modi's address comes at a time when farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, have been protesting at the borders of Delhi, claiming they won't return until the laws are repealed.

Statement: We transferred money into accounts of farmers: PM Modi

He said a staggering Rs. 16,000 crore is being transferred into the accounts of 35 lakh farmers of MP.

"Today, several farmers have been given Kisan Credit Card. Earlier, they were not available to all farmers. But we changed rules to make Kisan Credit Card available to all farmers across the country," he asserted.

He reiterated that the government will not revoke MSPs.

Fact: He turned to statistics to support his statements

Assurance: PM Modi assured his government will listen to farmers

PM Modi said Indian farmers can't afford to lag behind when those from other countries are taking leaps forward.

"Now, a lot of discussion is going on over farm laws. These should have been done long ago," he said.

Toward the end of his address, he claimed his government will bow its head in front of farmers and address all their concerns.

Letter: A letter was also written to placate farmers

A few hours ago, PM Modi had urged countrymen to promote an open letter, penned by Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar, widely.

In the letter, Tomar attempted to dispel misconceptions associated with the farm laws, asserting that he comes from a family of farmers and understands the challenges well.

Repeating Centre's stance, Tomar said the farmers were being misled by those having vested interests.