Over 39,000 Children Aged Between 0-9 Years Test Covid-19 Positive in 2 Months in Karnataka

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With second wave of Covid-19 gaining momentum, a sharp surge has been witnessed in the number of children and adolescents testing positive for coronavirus in Karnataka. According to a media report, the number of children aged between 0-9 years found infected in the past two months is 143 per cent of the total Covid-19 cases registered till March 18 this year, while it was 160 per cent in the age group of 10-19 years.

According to a report published in Times of India, 39,846 children aged between 0-9 years and 1,05,044 aged between 10-19 years have tested Covid-19 positive between March 18 and May 18 in this second wave in 2021. Citing the Karnataka war room data, the report further saidd that the corresponding numbers since the Covid-19 crisis started till March 18 this year were 27,841 and 65,551, respectively. As per the data, 28 children have succumbed to the infection till March 18 this year, while 15 more deaths were reported since then till May 18 in Karnataka.

Deaths among adolescents went up from 46 to 62 in the past two months, an increase of 16. The monthly average of deaths during the second wave among children has been three times what it was before, and twice in the case of adolescents.

Speaking to TOI, paediatrician Dr Srinivas Kasi said, “Within two days of a person being found infected for Covid-19, the rest of his/her family is also testing positive for infection.”

Another paediatrician from Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital said the children get infected easily as they come in close contact of other family members at home. “Once children show the slightest symptoms, their caretakers must isolate with them,” the doctor advised.

Dr Supraja Chandrashekar, a paediatric intensivist at the hospital told TOI that most of the children can be treated at home for Covid-19 with strict monitoring of vitals.

“A Covid-19 test must be done on children when they have symptoms like fever, cough, loose motions or vomiting. They must be isolated with a caregiver. Children must not undergo CT scans, D dimer tests or blood investigation without doctor's advice,” TOI quoted Dr Chandrashekar as saying.

“Many parents, once infected, leave the child with grandparents. Children are Covid-19 butterflies and spread the infection faster. Grandparents will be at risk. Parents don't understand that kids would have already been infected and can remain with parents,” the doctor added.

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