Over 280 UK defense ministry computers stolen or lost in past 18 months


London, Nov 25(ANI): UK Ministry of Defence(MoD) had over 280 computers lost or stolen in the past 18 months, according to official figures. The figures indicated that 188 laptops, 99 desktops, 72 hard discs and 73 USB memory sticks went missing. The MoD also lost 18 mobile phones, 10 BlackBerry phones,194 compact discs and 150 back-up tapes used to store information. One thirty five other items, including USB tokens, radios, 3G cards and cameras, were also reported lost or stolen during the Coalition's tenure. UK Defence Secretary Andrew Robathan said 21 laptops were lost in a single incident in Germany, and 20 laptops, that were reportedly lost in a separate incident, were traced. He said the information stored on the devices was encrypted or was eqipped with other security measures. Robathan said the MoD has implemented 'robust procedures' to prevent losses in a response to British Parliament. He pointed out that the current figure was less than 326 laptops lost in 2008. "The MoD takes any loss and theft of communications and information systems and associated media storage devices very seriously.We have robust procedures in place to mitigate against such occurrences and to manage such losses when they do occur," The Daily Mail quoted Robathan,as saying. "The size and complexity of the MoD, more than 250,000 individuals operating all round the world, from permanent bases and in theatre and with frequent movement of kit between locations in support of operations means it is almost inevitable that equipment will go missing," he added.(ANI)