Over 100 injured in Jamia protests: ‘We were just praying, they hit me, I fainted’

Shivam Patel, Sukrita Baruah
Over 100 injured: ‘We were just praying, they hit me, I fainted’

Police said over 15 personnel were injured

Two hospitals in South East Delhi’s Sarai Jullena and Okhla saw a steady stream of injured protesters all day after violence erupted in and around Jamia Millia Islamia Sunday. Over 100 cases were reported from Holy Family hospital and Alshifa hospital, of which three with serious injuries were shifted to AIIMS Trauma Centre, said authorities. Among the injured were senior police officers, including DCP (South East) Chinmoy Biswal, who said that one police personnel was admitted to the ICU. CAA protests | Follow LIVE updates

By 10 pm, the Holy Family Hospital confirmed that 28 protesters had come to the hospital with minor injuries and were discharged soon after. Among the injured students was Shaheen Abdullah, who sat with a bleeding nose: “We were marching peacefully but when it got violent, I hid in one of the homes near New Friends Colony. But we were dragged out from there by police and beaten up.”

At Alshifa hospital in Okhla, nervous relatives sat outside the emergency where protesters were being treated. By 11 pm, the hospital confirmed that 81 patients were treated. Hospital CMO Dr Rahul Kumar said, “Most had multiple fractures and lacerations. We received three patients who claimed they were hit by bullets but they didn't have such injuries.”

A hospital source said three patients were referred to AIIMS Trauma Centre, including one who has suffered a perforation in his eyeball. Among those admitted at Alshifa hospital was PhD student Hisham Siddiqui, “I was offering evening prayers in a masjid inside gate 8 of the campus when I saw 15-20 policemen break the gates. They beat people up, the lights went out and even though I told them we were just praying, they hit me with lathis and I fainted.”

Editorial | At great cost

Former university student, Mohd. Zahil Afzal (27), was at the hospital with a fractured arm, and said, “We blocked the reading hall door with six tables but the police broke open the doors. There were 50 women and 100 men there and all were beaten up. We surrendered, told them that we were not pelting stones, but then they didn’t listen.”