Outside BJP Delhi office, two trucks packed with artistes wait for poll panel’s green signal

Abhinav Rajput
Saaz, one of the bands roped in to perform

To give its Lok Sabha campaign a boost, the Delhi BJP has roped in bands to perform in open trucks in all seven constituencies, Delhi BJP vice-president Jai Prakash has said. The capital goes to polls on May 12.

More than 10 professional artistes, including singers, guitarists, drummers and emcees, will perform songs around the theme of elections and the Prime Minister's popularity, Prakash said.

Two trucks equipped with a screen, a sound system and a generator, along with posters of the PM and the slogan 'NaMo fir se', have been parked outside the party's headquarters at Ashoka Road. All that is left is a go-ahead from the Election Commission, the party said.

"Most of us are from a group called IndiaFirst. We are BJP sympathisers… we met a senior BJP leader a few months ago and this idea was born," said Gulshan Singh, a guitarist.

Most members of the group are professional singers and musicians who perform at shows, restaurants and weddings, Singh said. The lyrics for Saaz, a song composed by Singh's band, goes: "Josh yuva hai, hosh yuva hai, aur yuva armaan hai, yuva shakti ko lane wala, Narendra Modi mahaan hai."Other lyrics include "Saath chale hum sabko lekar Bharat ka samman bane, sone ki chidiya wala hum fir se Hindustan bane" and "Jhande gaad denge, sainik sa dhad denge."

Rizvi, who used to work as an RJ and will anchor the event, said, "We will place our trucks in different localities and perform for over an hour. We will encourage youngsters to come out and vote for the PM because he cares for their aspirations."

Amrit Wadali, who said he has performed at rock concerts in Dubai, said, "People have seen traditional party workers come to their homes, but the youth do not identify with them much… we are new-age workers."