Outrage in Puducherry as Health Workers Caught on Camera Throwing Covid-19 Victim's Body into Grave

Massive outrage has erupted in Puducherry over a viral video on social media which purportedly shows some government workers throwing the body of a Covid-19 patient into a pit hurriedly and flouting Covid-19 protocols.

In less than a 30-second video as reported by several media outlets, four men in personal protective equipment (PPEs) can be seen moving the body from an ambulance and dumping it into the pit. Moreover, one of the workers can also be heard informing a government official that they have "thrown the body" for which the official responds by showing thumbs up in approval.

After the video went viral, the local administration ordered a probe into the incident.

As per the video, the workers flouted Covid-19 protocol while handling the body of a virus-infected patient as the body was seen merely wrapped with a white cloth and not in a bag as mandated by the government. It is yet to be known if the body was duly embalmed or not.

Sources said that the body was of a Chennai-based resident who had visited Puducherry and later tested positive of Covid-19.

Reacting to the incident, India Against Corruption said in statement, "Dignified disposal of dead body is a matter of right. Such an insult to a dead person is an offence under section 500 of Indian Penal Code. The health workers along with those supervisory staff are punishable with penalty for defamation of deceased person.”

According to the sources in the health department, the body was handed over to Revenue officials for burial.

Speaking to NDTV, Puducherry Collector Arun said, "I have issued a memo to the concerned department. It's very unfortunate. I am enquiring into the issue. Have properly briefed them.”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi said that show cause notices are being served to those involved in the incident.