Outrage over Uzbekistan dictator's 'skimpily dressed 'daughter posting pictures of her in 'yoga poses' on Internet

London, Nov. 23 (ANI): Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov's daughter has raised eyebrows by posting a series of photographs of herself in a variety of yoga positions on the internet.

Gulnara Karimova's images reportedly provoked discomfort in her homeland where her father's hardline secular government is tussling with conservative strains of Islam.

The pictures, first published on Twitter, upset some believers, according to the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe, which said "they were offended by her skimpy workout clothes and the prurient nature of some of the yoga poses, which they said overstepped the boundaries of propriety", The Telegraph reports.

However, many bloggers also praised the images and complimented Karimova, whose website describes her as a "poet, mezzo soprano, designer and exotic Uzbekistan beauty", on her figure.

According to the paper, she is thought to be grooming her public image in case she one day takes over from her father, Islam, 74, who has been the president for 22 years.

Gulnara is also a fashion designer, although she was kicked out of New York Fashion Week last year after a human rights groups complained, the paper said. (ANI)