Orphaned children should be given admission in homes, not in orphanages: Swanath Foundation

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MUMBAI, India, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many organizations and individuals doing quite a lot of social work in the society, but today the most sensitive topic is that of orphan children. In the best interests of these children, they should get a happy and healthy family along with a happy childhood. This mission has been implemented in the form of a nationwide campaign by Swanath Foundation, an organisation which publicly raises their voice for the children who become orphan due to various reasons, need government assistance but more than that they need love and affection. 'If these basic needs are fulfilled in the families, then we will be able to see orphan children as ideal citizens in huge numbers, and instead of a government orphanage, we would see a home or family offering nutritional care or foster care services,' expressed BJP state president Mr Chandrakant Dada Patil.

He was speaking in a program organized on the special occasion of second anniversary of Swanath Foundation in Mumbai on Saturday, 5th June, wherein the website of Swanath Foundation was also inaugurated by Mr. Patil. On this occasion, Smt. Shreya Bhartiya, founder and Managing trustee of Swanath Foundation, talked about her foundation's mission 'Har Bacche Ko Parivaar' and while expressing her opinion, said that many children have lost their parents during Covid -19 pandemic leaving them as orphans. 'The scheme announced by the government for such children is not according to what it should be as these children can get only temporary relief from such schemes while missing out on the emotional stability which they have lost. There is only one option, foster care services - it is the duty of a good society and the government to introduce new families to such children,' said Smt. Shreya Bhartiya.

As Swanath Foundation is a nodal/voluntary organization working for children who are in need of care and protection. It aims to create awareness for the promotion of family based services for children who are institutionalized and to prevent institutionalization of children.

'We believe that every child has a right to family and healthy, happy childhood. It also focuses to rehabilitate children who are not adopted and are staying in child care institutions or specialized adoption agencies,' added Smt. Shreya Bhartiya.

At this time, Mrs Bhartiya also mentioned that, Swanath Foundation is very much insistent on this. 'We will take this topic to more and more people through the website,' added Smt. Shreya Bhartiya.

BJP State President Chandrakant Dada Patil ji while praising the work of Swanath Foundation said, 'Prashant Hartalkar and Shreya Bhartiya ji, who work for the problems of orphan children in the entire country, has taken a basic question in hand and are putting their best efforts in finding the answers to that question. Now along with Swanath, Tarpan Foundation is also working with a dedicated spirit for the benefit of the orphan children. It is necessary for orphan children to get the benefits from the government scheme, but they may not have the capability to become an ideal citizen which is why it is imperative for such children to go to cultured families. To complete any person, only physical needs are not enough. If the child has to develop his intellectual, emotional and mental development, then, family' system is necessary.' Chandrakant Dada Patil ji expressed his high expectations from Swanath's new website as he firmly believes that the system would be more robust due to this website. Mr Chandrakant Patil also proudly mentioned about Mr Shrikant Bhartiya, who stood with Shreya Bhartiya throughout this journey.

The program was coordinated by Chief Executive Officer of Tarpan Foundation, Mrs.Sarika Mahotra. Mr.Manoj Panchal, Mr.Abhay Teli, Mr.Narayan Ingale, and many Swanath volunteers and working committee members were also present on this occasion. Mr.Gagan Mahotra was instrumental in launching Swanath's website. At this time, all the prominent officials who contributed to Swanath Foundation were accorded due respect at the hands of Mr. Patil.

For full coverage of the event visit us at :- https://youtu.be/6HI9p4MnVW0 Website Designed by DreamWorth Solutions About Swanath Foundation Orphan is a word which brings to mind a weak and destitute child. It denotes the helplessness and dependency due to the lack of a family environment in the child's life.

A SWANATH possesses a strong sense of self-reliance, determination, courage, and an attitude to overcome all of life's challenges. They have an inherent leadership quality to unite the society and lead it in the right direction to bring about a revolution.

We appeal to the government and the public to curb the use of the word 'orphan' and replace it with 'SWANATH' - which is an immensely strong word befitting children, as they themselves are their own creators and don't need any sympathy to shape their own future.

For more details visit us at : https://www.swanath.org Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1528410/Swanath_Foundation_Website_Launch.jpg PWR PWR

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