Optimism in Life to Fitness Goals, Netizens Share their List of New Year's Resolutions

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2020 was the year that put the lives of people across the world on hold with the coronavirus pandemic. It was a year where the word “unprecedented” described most of the developments.

Pandemic, wildfires, mass protests, and a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan were some of the key highlights of the year 2020. Hence, as we welcome 2021, netizens have shared their new year resolutions that are derived from the lessons that we learnt in the previous year.

Some netizens wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, while some express their wish to learn a new skill or achieve a goal that they long have been working for. Let us take a look at some of them:

One of the most common new year’s resolution happens to be fitness and this woman right here is already on to it:

This user has decided a set diet intake for the year 2021 and that involves having two slices of bread.

Another user has advice for all those people setting new year resolutions. User named Brittany King tweeted that she met her doctor on new year’s eve who advised her to not set a resolution but rather set long term goals that can be made through small steps that allow for slight mistakes instead. Brittany mentioned that the advice took a major weight off her shoulders as most of us feel a certain pressure to renew ourselves or set a goal for the new year.

Actor Simu Liu shared this picture on his Twitter handle and said that his new year’s resolution is to drink more milk.

While for some, it is just about being optimistic. This user said that many people do not resonate with her when she talks of New Year's resolutions or goals however, she said that will not stop her from setting goals and believing that 2021 can and will be incredible. She further wrote that there is joy in everything if we choose to look for it.

For those of us who are too hard on ourselves, read this tweet that can be a perfect new year’s resolution.

And for those of you who care too much about people’s opinions of you here is a tweet that might inspire you:

However, we all know these resolutions are hard to follow as this hilarious tweet shows:

But like every year, we still wish upon 2021 to help us achieve some of our resolutions, or as some would say, long term goals.