Opposition should provide suggestions instead of politicizing situation arising due to COVID-19: Telangana Health Minister

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 6 (ANI): Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajendra on Friday alleged that few political parties are spreading negativity on social media and asked those parties to give suggestions for betterment of the situation in the fight against COVID-19, instead of commenting on the State Government.

Addressing a press conference, here Health Minister said, "Few political parties are making negative comments on social media. They are spreading negativity. We all are saying from the beginning to not take this situation politically. We are following all the guidelines given by the Central Government and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It is better to give suggestions for betterment in the situation to fight against COVID-19, instead of commenting on the government. Few people are commenting on the lack of facilities in government which are baseless. And few channels are making these kinds of videos viral. I request everyone not to spread such type of baseless news. "

"There are rumors that we are not having enough PPE which is completely false. 3 per cent of the medical department in the US were detected positive which was not because of deficiency of PPE kits. Even though we take all the precautionary measures, at few circumstances the disease will spread. We are giving appropriate treatment for the medical staff who are testing positive for COVID-19," he added.

He further reiterated that the State Government is taking all the necessary measures to combat the situations arising due to COVID-19.

"Telangana Government is providing isolation for the people even though they are not from our State. In accordance with the ICMR guidelines, we are testing the people who are symptomatic. After the lockdown, our medical department discussed on preventing the spread of coronavirus. As the rainy season is starting there are few diseases that will spread easily. We are taking necessary measures along with the municipal department to solve the situation which may arise in the rainy season," he said.

"We are taking all the safety protocols required for the safety of the medical department. We can postpone anything but we cannot postpone deliveries. This virus will stay alive only for seven days and because of that the doctors are taking off seven days and coming to work for seven days," he added.

Health Minister Eatala Rajendra further said that State Government has ordered for another 150 ventilators.

"We have PPE kits more than required quantity and there is no deficiency of any other equipment and medicines. We are trying to save each and every person whose condition is critical, even though how much it cost. Along with the old ventilators we ordered for another 150 ventilators today," he said.

"To increase the number of tests we arranged machines in all the Government hospitals. We kept a separate isolation ward for the medical staff who are effected in Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) hospital. There are asymptomatic people who were tested positive and for such people, we are trying to give treatment at home if they have double bedroom houses. For those who do not have we are providing isolation in our hospitals," he added.

Telangana on Friday reported 143 new COVID - 19 cases, taking the total number of cases in the state to 3,290.

According to the Telangana Government's Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, a total of 1,627 people have been Cured/Discharged from hospitals and 113 Deaths due to coronavirus in the State. Presently, 1,550 COVID - 19 patients isolated and being treated in different hospitals in the state. (ANI)