Oppo blog: The Find X2’s display is making some serious claims

Shruti Dhapola
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Colour banding is the problem of inaccurate depiction on screens, and typically 8-bit screens show off 256 shades.

Oppo is gearing up to introduce its Find X2 flagship on March 6, and it looks like the company has adopted a strategy of slowly revealing all the key features when it comes to the display. I suppose if one cannot beat the leaks, it is best to join them. With the Find X2, Oppo is touting something new on the Find X2: a 10-bit OLED display, which will be capable of showcasing one billion colours. Before you get excited about the billions of colours, remember the human can eye can only see about a million colours.

Given the Oppo Find X was one of the first to offer a fully bezel-less display with no notch, no punch-hole camera, so it is not surprising that the company is once again focusing on the display with the second iteration of this phone. So what does this 10-bit OLED display on Oppo Find X2 mean? In simple terms, a lot more colours than the typical 8-bit screen and more colour accuracy.

According to the company, this would ensure no colour banding, something that happens on the 8-bit LCD and OLED displays that are used by most players. Colour banding is the problem of inaccurate depiction on screens, and typically 8-bit screens show off 256 shades. The higher 10-bit on Oppo Find X2, this number would go up to 1024 shades of colour, resulting in billions of colour combinations.

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Oppo is also claiming a much higher 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio on the screen, compared to the traditional 1,000,000: 1, which should mean deeper blacks, and that's a good thing. This display will also come with a higher 120 Hz refresh rate, which we have seen on other flagships like the S20 series as well. But it looks like the 120 Hz refresh rate could be available at a higher 1440p resolution, which is not something Samsung is doing just yet. This was indicated in Oppo VP Brian Chen's tweet which said 120Hz+3K together for the screen.

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Finally, the teasers indicate a punch-hole display is likely for the Oppo Find X2, so it looks like that mechanical camera is certainly not making a comeback.

Right now, it looks like Oppo is really making this all about the display of the Find X2. But will that be enough to stand out as 'the flagship' of 2020? After all, display hype is nothing new and while the jargon is interesting, users don't necessarily base their purchase decisions on just one factor alone.

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Oppo is also using a new Sony sensor on the camera it would appear. It has yet to reveal details about this. The phone is obviously a flagship, and we expect it to run the Snapdragon 865 processor, be 5G-ready, and come with a big battery life as well. For now we wait till March 6, to see what the Find X2 ends up offering.