Oppn leaders in LS demand Farooq Abdullah be allowed to attendHouse

New Delhi, Nov 18 (PTI) Attacking the government over thedetention of sitting Lok Sabha MP Farooq Abdullah, oppositionmembers on Monday termed the National Conference leader'sdetention as illegal and demanded that he be allowed to attendthe House.

Opposition leaders also raised the issue of MPs not beingallowed to visit Jammu and Kashmir after abrogation of itsspecial status, whereas parliamentarians from Europe have beentaken to the state, with Congress leader Adhir RanjanChowdhury describing the EU delegation as 'bhade ke tattu'(hirelings).

'Our leader Rahul Gandhi was not allowed to visit (Jammuand Kashmir), several MPs were sent back...whereas bhade ketatu from Europe were being taken there. Isn't it an insultto all MPs. I want to ask MPs of ruling alliance don't theythink it was their insult,' Chowdhury said.

On the detention of Abdullah, he said the NC supremo hasbeen under detention for 106 days and it is his constitutionalright to attend the House.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Chowdhary said it wasan 'atrocity' not to allow the former Jammu and Kashmir chiefminister to attend Lok Sabha proceedings.

The Speaker said when Home Minister Amit Shah informedthe House in the previous session that Abdullah was not underdetention, he was correct. The written information of hisdetention was received later by the Lok Sabha secretariat.

He said now he has written information that Abdullah isunder detention.

DMK leader TR Baalu sought Birla's intervention in thematter, saying the speaker is the custodian of the House andshould ensure that members are allowed to attend the House.

'What has happened with Farooq is illegal...You arecustodian of the House...You have to make intervention,' Baalusaid.

The DMK leader also said that same is the case with PDPleader and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister MehboobaMufti and noted that her daughter has said that the PDP leaderhas been manhandled.

Making a passionate appeal that Abdullah be allowed toattend the House, National Conference MP Hasnain Masoodi saidthe former chief minister was under preventive custody notunder judicial custody and it can be revoked by the Speaker'sorder.

'Farooq Sahab represents Srinagar and it is right of the20 lakh people of Srinagar that their voice be heard in theHouse...I have proof that he is not in judicial custody, he isin preventive custody. Your one order can revoke it,' Masoodisaid while addressing the Chair.

Similar sentiments on Abdullah's arrest were made by TMCleaders as well.

Chowdhury also raised the issue of withdrawal of SpecialProtection Group cover of former prime minister Manmohan Singhand the Gandhi family.

He said as former prime minister, late Atal BihariVajpayee remained under SPG protection.

Earlier, within minutes of commencement of the QuestionHour, around 30 members from the Congress trooped into theWell, shouting slogans and demanding that the government stopattacking the Opposition as well as foisting false cases.

The members along with those from the National Conferencealso raised the issue of detention of Farooq Abdullah.

The issue was also raised by RSP leader N K Premachandranwhen he was given a chance to ask a supplementary questionrelated to the Finance Ministry.

'Farooq Abdullah is not in the House. The House is not inorder. I am not in a position to ask any question,' he said.