Opinion | Dear Govt, Give ‘Vaccine Passports’ to Cut Costs and Hesitancy

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What is a 'vaccine passport'? It’s a legal authorization that permits holders to travel and dine out because they've undergone a medical procedure that has lowered the risk of them getting or transmitting the coronavirus. In this episode of Raghav's Take, The Quint's Editor-in-Chief Raghav Bahl explains that we are already using the negative RT-PCR test report as a 'vaccine passport'. This 'vaccine passport' is almost as old as the COVID-19 virus; so, no need to be scared of the unknown here. Nearly Rs 18,000 crore of wasteful expenses can be avoided if we just allow the vaccine certificate to substitute for the RT-PCR test! The minute we do that, people will see the advantages of getting vaccinated.