Operation Allies Refuge: US to begin flying Afghan interpreters in last week of July

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Kabul [Afghanistan] July 18 (ANI): The US embassy in Afghanistan on Saturday announced that the US will begin flying the Afghan interpreters under Operation Allies Refuge in the last week of July due to the intense war-torn situation.

Flights for people who are already in the US Special Immigrant Visas application process, will begin in the last week of July. The US Embassy did not share details of this travel to maintain operational security, a statement from the US embassy in Afghanistan informed.

"The U.S. Embassy will coordinate with the State Department to support Operation Allies Refuge. These relocation operations will allow the US to fulfill its commitment to those who have served our country here at great personal risk. They build on the successful acceleration of SIV processing since visa interviews resumed after the COVID suspension ended in 2021," U.S. Charge d'Affaires Ambassador Ross Wilson said.

The statement also said that the US will continue to support the people of Afghanistan and its institutions through security assistance to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces.

Amid US troops' withdrawal, thousands of Afghan translators and interpreters have faced threats from the Taliban as they assisted American troops for two decades during its war against terror in Afghanistan.

Following this, Human and Women rights activists have asked the Biden administration to provide up to 2,000 visas specifically for vulnerable women and women's advocates who are at risk after the US troops pull out from Afghanistan.

The groups have not only pushed for women's visas but also men and minorities in high-risk professions.

Almost 18,000 translators and interpreters from Afghanistan have applied for these 'special Immigration Visas'. (ANI)

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