'Only in Kerala' Says Twitter After Clip of Dancing Crowd Making Way for Ambulance Goes Viral

The video was shot in Palakkad during the annual Mannarkkad Pooram celebrations when thousands take to the streets to dance and revel in devotion to the town's deity.

A video from Mannarkkad, Kerala has been going viral on social media for all the right reasons. Shot during the festival of Mannarkkad Pooram, the annual temple festival held in the town of Palakkad, the video captured a street-full of revelers dancing to DJ beats.

The video, shot from the top, depicts a road covered with thousands of devotees and enthusiasts jiving and dancing t the beats of popular Bollywood songs as they move forward. A mobile music van can be seen leading the dancing crowd as it blared top Bollywood tracks.

However, the high-point of the one-minute video comes when an ambulance appears in the scene. Within instants, the roistering crowd seamlessly parted from the middle, allowing the ambulance to pass smoothly before converging on the road once again.

The amazing feat was captured in the clip and has since been garnering a lot of applause and respect on social media.

The crowd was celebrating the Mannarkkad Pooram fetsival, one of the oldest temple festivals of Kerala. It organised by the tempple dedicated to Sree Arakurissi Udayarkunnu Bhagavathy, the resident goddess of Palakkad. The festival is attended by thousands of people including tribal populations from other parts of Kerala who travel to Pallakad duringthe annual festival to pay their respects to the deity.

This is not the only time such a video has been captured in India, a country marked by a multitude of festivals across states that draw large numbers of people onto the street, often bringing portions of cities to stand-stills.

Others shared similar videos from the Ganesh fetsival in Pune where a huge crowd parted to let an ambulance pass.