'Only a bhaipo window exists in Bengal': PM Modi mocks Mamata Banerjee

PM Narendra Modi launched a frontal attack on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. PM alleged that her lawmaker nephew Abhishek was the only 'single window' in the state. The prime minister said that without crossing Abhishek no work gets done in Bengal. PM Modi was addressing a rally in Kharagpur in the election-bound state. “You know, a single-window system is created for speedy clearances for industries. In Bengal too, exists a single window, the single window of 'Bhaipo' (nephew). Without crossing 'Bhaipo' (Abhishek Banerjee), no work gets done in Bengal,” he said. BJP has often accused Abhishek of running syndicates that extort money from common people. Rejecting the outsider tag given by Mamata, PM Modi said BJP is the only real party of Bengal.