Only authorised vehicle dealers to issue high-security number plates, hologram stickers

New Delhi: Vehicle owners in Delhi will have to get high-security registration number plates (HSRP) and fuel quality-based hologram stickers from authorised dealers only, officials said.

The Delhi transport department has issued an order, authorising motor vehicle dealers for affixation of HSRP and colour-coded stickers through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). "The dealer will obtain the HSRP and hologram sticker only through authorised source of OEMs in Delhi," said the order issued by the department.

Vehicles registered before April 1, 2019, will have to get HSRP and hologram-based stickers. New vehicles registered after April 1, 2019 come equipped with HSRP and stickers.

According to Ministry of Road and Transport, diesel vehicles are required to bear hologram sticker with orange background, petro and CNG-driven vehicles with light blue background and other vehicles with grey background.

The hologram sticker is a third registration plate fixed on the bottom-left side of the windshield of a vehicle. It bears details such as the registration number, the registering authority, a laser-branded PIN, and engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle.

The HSRP plates are chromium-based hologram applied by hot stamping on the top left corner of the number plates both at the front and back, besides laser-branding of a permanent identification number with a minimum of 10 digits into the reflective sheeting on the bottom left of the registration plate.