Only 3 Rohingya Families Left in Bengal After Nearly 400 'Flee' to Kashmir and Haryana
Thura Aung Ko said Bangladesh was 'not letting them return', referring to the Rohingya as "Bengalis", a term commonly used in Myanmar to imply that they are recent interlopers from Bangladesh. Rohingya say they are native to Rakhine state.

Kolkata: Nearly 400 Rohingyas living in West Bengal's only camp at South 24-Parganas' Hardaha have allegedly fled to Haryana and Kashmir fearing deportation, leaving behind only three families.

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said on October 1 that the state governments have been asked to identify Rohingya refugees in their regions and collect their biometric details. The Centre will send the biometric reports collected by states to the Myanmar government through diplomatic channel for the resolution of the issue, he had said.

A spokesman of an organisation, which had arranged their stay in Bengal, claimed that the seven Rohingya immigrants that were deported from Assam recently were ill-treated in Myanmar and were living there without adequate food. Hence, Rohingyas living in India don't wish to return, he claimed.

Speaking to News18, Hosen Gazi, president of Desh Banchao Samajik Committee, said, "It is unfortunate that most of the Rohingya fled to Haryana and Kashmir due to police atrocities and central government’s decision to deport them. No one want to go back because they know that they will be brutally executed in Myanmar."

He said, "We condemn central government's decision to push them back. We have information that the seven Rohingya who were pushed back recently by the Assam government were poorly treated in Myanmar. Presently, they are in a detention camp without adequate food.”

When asked about the current status of Rohingya in Bengal, he said, “Few months ago there were approximately 400 Rohingya living in our camp in South 24-Parganas but now only three Rohingya Muslim families (consists of 12 members) left. They are also planning to shift other state soon. We are trying to convince them not to leave Bengal as they are safe here and we will fight for them legally. The situation is worst there in Myanmar and the Rohingya here in Bengal are threatening to commit suicide if they were pushed back to Myanmar.”

On August 2017, nearly 7 Lakh Rohingya Muslims fled Rakhine following a crackdown launched by the Myanmar Army against Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. Most of them took shelter in Bangladesh, while rest of them are staying at various camps in India.

The central government want to push them back due to security reasons while human right organizations demanding that the government should chalk out elaborate plans for their welfare because they will be hack to death in forcibly pushed back to Myanmar.

On September 18, 2017, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her support for Rohingya and accused the Central government for harassing them in the name of deportation call.

Mamata’s statement came after the Union Home Ministry reportedly in their confidential report termed Rohingya immigrants as “security threat to India” and also linked them to terror organizations like ISIS and LeT. But after that Mamata tried to avoid making any strong statement in favour of Rohingya.