Only 13 Indian cities set targets or frame policies to boost renewable energy by 2020: Report

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New Delhi, Mar 18 (PTI) Only 13 Indian cities had set targets or introduced policies to embrace renewable energy by the end of 2020 as compared to 1,300 globally, according to a report released by green energy policy network REN21 on Thursday.

The cities include Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Nagpur, Chennai, Diu, Pune, Ahemdabad, Amaravati, Rajkot, Karimnagar, and Kolkata. These 13 cities cover 67.6 million people -- 18 per cent of the urban population in India.

Only three Indian cities have set net-zero targets for 2050; Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.

Net-zero refers to balancing the amount of emitted greenhouse gases with the equivalent emissions that are either offset or sequestered. By the end of 2020, 43 cities across the world had enforced a complete or partial ban on fossil fuels such as diesel and gas, five times the number in 2019, the report said.

It said around one billion people - about one quarter of the global urban population - live in cities which had set a target or introduced policies to boost renewable energy.

'But as inspiring as these examples are, we are still a far cry from what is needed to curb climate change in time,' REN21's executive director Rana Adib in a statement. KJ