Onions sold at subsidised prices at Visakhapatnam's Rythu Bazaar

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Onions being sold at Visakhapatnam's Rythu Bazaar. (Photo/ANI)
Onions being sold at Visakhapatnam's Rythu Bazaar. (Photo/ANI)

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], October 23 (ANI): The Visakhapatnam district administration on Friday supplied onions at subsidised prices in the Pendurthi Rythu Bazar after the cost of the vegetable shot up over the last few days.

People lined up in long queues to buy the commonly used vegetable at Rs 40 per kilogram.

Jagannatha Raju, a retired teacher standing in line told ANI that private sellers were selling onions at Rs 100 per kilogram.

"Onion prices have hugely increased. Private sellers are selling it at Rs 100 per kg. In the wake of this, the government is supplying onions at Rs 40 at Rythu Bazaar so I'm here to get one kilogram," Raju said.

Another person named Ramesh said, "I came at 6 am and stood in the queue. Dussehra is approaching so we need onions. How can we cook dishes without onions? I'm here as I cannot spend time tomorrow standing in the queue. (ANI)