Onion prices reach Rs 7,990 per quintal in Maharashtra's Lasalgaon, touch all-time high after 72-years

Onions have left customers teary-eyed as prices of the staple continue to soar in Maharashtra. The onion prices have shot up to an all-time high at Lasalgaon in Maharashtra.

According to Hindustan Times, the average price of onions has reached Rs 7,990 per quintal in Lasalgaon on November 29. Lasalgaon known to be country's largest onion market. Lasalgaon sets the price trend for onions, for the entire country. The Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) has said that Rs 7,990 per quintal was the highest rate for onions in APMC’s 72-year history.

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The average price of onions increased because the supply of early kharif onion crops was hit badly by unseasonal rain, an APMC official told the leading daily. Suvarna Jagtap, chairperson of APMC, Lasalgaon told the Hindustan Times, “Onions could bring more tears to consumers till January-end as prices are likely to hit new highs with the crop sown in kharif season being impacted by unseasonal rain.” Jagtap further added that the prices are likely to stabilised by the end of January.

Households and restaurants in India are reeling under pressure as onion prices have surged exponentially across the country. A kilo of onion is retailing at Rs 90-100 in most Indian states, peaking at Rs 120-130 per kilo in major cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Odisha, and Pune.

The government is trying to procure onions from Egypt, Turkey, Holland and other countries. State-owned MMTC has also signed contracts with Egypt for onion imports and an onion consignment of 6,090 tonnes will be available in the country next month.