OnePlus 7 Pro future update could reportedly bring 'Nightscape' mode to all the cameras

tech2 News Staff

OnePlus has been launching a string of new updates for the >OnePlus 7 Pro (Review) smartphone over the last couple of weeks, aimed at improving the camera performance of the device. One of the shortcomings of the device is that not all three lenses can take good photographs in low-light conditions. That may soon change if this new report is to be believed.

The Nightscape mode on the OnePlus 7 Pro uses AI and a long exposure to identify scenes in low lighting conditions and delivering more lifelike and sharp images. Currently, the main 48 MP sensor of the OnePlus 7 Pro has this nightscape feature while the ultra-wide and tele-photo lenses do not have it.

However, a GSMArena report states that Zake Zhang, OnePlus image product manager has disclosed that "We are working on bringing the Nightscape feature to the other cameras in a future update."

Huawei's P30 Pro can implement its Night mode in any of the three main cameras but it has to be said that the photos from the other lenses would not be as sharp as the main lens. In any case, a Nightscape on the ultra-wide or telephoto lenses would certainly entail a wide range of usability scenarios for the user in low-light conditions. We might also see Nightscape enabled on the selfie camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro as well.

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