OnePlus 5 Rumour Round-Up: Will it be Better than the OnePlus 3T?

OnePlus, which has always been about more specs and less price, is gearing up to launch yet another flagship in the market – OnePlus 5. But wait a minute – whatever happened to the OnePlus 4? Well, it’s said the Chinese consider number ‘4’ as bad luck.

OnePlus has a reputation of giving people what they want, and that’s why there are a lot of expectations surrounding this device. The question to ask is whether it will be able to stand up to its expectations, and also what kind of pricing can we expect for the OnePlus 5. Let’s take a look at the rumours flying around the web about OnePlus’ next flagship.

What to Expect?

OnePlus keeps things simple in the display department. Traditionally, OnePlus devices are known to sport full HD (1080x1920 pixel) displays, but we can expect an upgrade to a Quad HD (1440x2560 pixel) screen. This move is long overdue. Also, we could see lesser bezels with the new OnePlus.

Performance wise, OnePlus chipset is sure to see an upgrade to the latest Snapdragon 835. But what’s more exciting is the inclusion of 8GB RAM in the new OnePlus phone. Graphics performance might also be bumped up, all thanks to an Adreno 540.

Honor 6X (Photo: The Quint/Ankit Vengurlekar)

The camera of the phone could prove to be a headline maker. In a market that’s being crowded with dual-camera phones, OnePlus might also play the same card and introduce a dual camera setup on the OnePlus 5. Also, since they aren’t looking to compromise on the design battery capacity might be restricted under 3500mAh.

One Plus – the Price Game!

Price is a key factor here, and one that might decide the success of the phone in the market. As far as rumours go, OnePlus 5 could sport a price tag of somewhere around 500 dollars, which in the international market translates to around to Rs 32,500 approximately.

Any OnePlus phone is always hot property, and the new OnePlus is something we can hardly wait for. The rumours are telling us a very interesting story, but you never know, OnePlus might just surprise us.

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