On the 1-year anniversary of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's suicide, his wife speaks out

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Chester Bennington’s suicide. (Photo: Getty Images)

Friday, July 20, marks the one year anniversary of Chester Bennington’s, the lead singer of Linkin Park, suicide. “That day is so seared in my mind,” Talinda Bennington told Fox 11“It’s the re-traumatization.”

Originally, Talinda was going to spend the heartbreaking day with family and friends — a quiet day filled with emotion and memories. But with her two daughters, who were five at the time of Chester’s death, and their son who was eleven, Chester also had three older children, she knew she would have to answer a lot of questions.

Along with being a source of support for their kids, and the person who has to help navigate them through this terrible time, many fans of the musician reached out to his wife about their own pain and possibly hurting themselves. Talinda said, “That hurt me to the core. Chester wouldn’t want that.”

These factors have inspired her campaign #320ChangesDirection, 3/20 being Chester’s birthday.

Along with ChangeDirection.org, whose partners include Michelle Obama and Prince Harry, Talinda is sharing her and her family’s story, hoping that it would help others.

Chester loved his family, they had just bought a new home, the band had a number one album — in a sense, life was good. But Chester also suffered from depression and addictions. Talinda hopes that by speaking about these struggles, it will help end the stigma of discussing mental health.

She wants others to know that they’re not alone, that there is help. “If you don’t take care of your mental health you will get sick, and that can cause you to do irrational things,” she said.

She tells their children, “Daddy died because his brain was sick.” But Chester is still around, to Talinda his microphone feels electric — she allows the children to talk into the mic to feel close to their father.

Chester’s band, Linkin Park, also posted a genuinely touching tribute to their “brother” on their Instagram.

The band echoed Talinda’s feelings that Chester is close by, they write, “It has been a year since your passing—a surreal rotation of grief, heartbreak, refusal, and recognition.  And yet it [still] feels like you are close by, surrounding us with your memory and your light.  Your one-of-a-kind spirit has authored an indelible imprint on our hearts—our jokes, our joy, and our tenderness.”

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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