One-third of Tripura's Population Has Antibodies Against Covid-19: Serosurvey

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About one-third population of Tripura have developed 'antibody' against COVID-19 virus, state Education minister Ratan Lal said on Thursday. "We have received the data from a serological survey report of the Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) that 34 per cent people of the state have developed antibody against deadly coronavirus", Nath, who is also the cabinet spokesperson told reporters.

He said, the survey was conducted from October 15 to October 17 in eight districts of the state and 4,800 samples were collected to identify the present antibody levels and to assess the stage of community infection. A serological survey is conducted to assess the prevalence of a disease in a population. It is done by detecting the presence of specific antibodies that are produced against the virus.

However, Nath said, the serological survey did not indicate that the state has developed Herd immunity. The COVID-19 fatality rate has dropped at 1.12 per cent and the recovery rate among the COVID-19 patients has now increased at 95.27 per cent, he said.

Tripura's COVID-19 tally on Thursday rose to 31,765 as 59 more people tested positive for the virus. Tripura currently has 1,201 active coronavirus cases, while 30,185 people have recovered from the disease.