One more arrested in SBI CDM fraud case

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Chennai, Jun 29 (PTI) A third person has been arrested in connection with the theft of Rs 48 lakh from various cash deposit machines of State Bank of India (SBI) in the city, police said on Tuesday.

Najeem Hussain, was picked up from Haryana and brought here on Tuesday, a city police press release said.

Police had earlier said a nine-member gang from Haryana was involved in the crime.

Two alleged members of the gang have been already arrested from the northern state and brought here.

According to police, Rs 48 lakh had been stolen from Automated Cash Withdrawal and Deposit Machines also known as Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) located in various places in the city.

The CDMs provide a 20-second window to customers to take cash away and if it was not done, the cash went back into the machines.

If cash was taken, the lid of the machine would slide and get closed.

Probe indicated that the suspects first took the cash from the machines (using the withdrawal option) and then prevented the lid from getting closed for a while by using their hands.

The sensors appeared to have misread this action for 'cash not being taken away' by customers and sent messages to servers that cash has not been withdrawn.

Hence, the related bank accounts were not debited while cash was taken away from machines.PTI SA SS PTI PTI

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